CMK Übersetzungen

Ihr professioneller Sprachdienstleister für Deutsch und Englisch in Bad Pyrmont


In over seven years of professional experience, I have translated thousands of texts from many fields, both general texts and specialised texts.

Specialised Translations

As a fully qualified lawyer, I specialise in legal texts of all kind. If you need a translation of a contract, judgement, complaint, patent or similar, you have come to the right place.

Besides that, I have also translated specialised texts from the following areas of expertise: Medical, IT, Economy, Marketing, Automotive, Finance, Technical, Games and Computer Games.

Certified Translations

As translator with authorisation by the District Court in Hanover for the area of Lower Saxony, I am authorised to translate official documents or documents of any kind. These are certified with a stamp and are recognised by authorities or courts.

Please note that as a German native speaker, I generally translate from English into German!